Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to the cadet/parent?

The program and courses provided are free. Parents must pay for personal clothing items, medical co-pays, graduation expenses, and etc.  

What ages are accepted?

Applicants must be from 16 through 18 years of age on the day the program starts.  We will accept your student application for a 15-year-old. The application will be held until they turn 16 for the next class.

What genders do you accept?

ChalleNGe accepts both male and female applicants.

Will I need to interview?

Everyone must interview. After you submit an inquiry you will be contacted to schedule an on-site interview.

Who comes with me for the interview?

One legal parent/guardian must be present.

What should I expect when I arrive for the interview?

A group orientation and a brief question and answering period. Plan to be here approximately 2-3 hours.

If I am accepted into the ChalleNGe program am I joining the military?

No. Becoming a cadet does not require anyone to join the military. Some of our graduates do join the Military with no pressure from Youth Challenge. You will be introduced to a wide variety of educational, training, and employment possibilities. 

Will I get the chance to take the ASVAB?

You will have the opportunity take the Military Entrance Exam (ASVAB) twice.  

Are family members allowed to visit?

Visitation is not allowed until the scheduled family day. Family Day is about eight weeks after the enrollment date. Parents/Guardians are given dates of all passes. 

How do I communicate with family and friends while in the program?

You communicate through letters. Phone calls are made once a week after the first two weeks. Family and friends may leave comments on the SCYCA Facebook Page found here: South Carolina Youth Challenge Facebook

Will I need money?

No. Parents/guardians will be notified by our staff if money is needed.

What is my cadet's mailing address?

Personal mail should be addressed as follows: SCYCA Candidate: _________________ Plt#: ___ 5471 Leesburg Road, Bldg# 3891 Eastover, SC 29044

How can I order a SCYCA Class Ring?

Complete the OrderForm and mail it to Balfour (the address is on the form) with the requested payment. The ring will be sent directly to you.

What programs are offered at SC Youth Challenge?

 3D Printing, Driver’s Training, Forklift Certification, ServSafe Certification, Media Arts Classes (AMAP), DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Certification, Work Keys testing, ASVAB testing, Healing Species Program, Junior Master Gardener’s Program, Life Skills Classes.

What opportunities are available after completing SC Youth Challenge?

Opportunities are available to eligible graduates include: Ameri-Corp, Job Corp, POST Challenge located at Aiken Technical College), etc. Case managers work with cadets to help find the right fit. Not all cadets are eligible for these programs.

"I did not think I could do anything with a GED, but I was able to do a lot. I currently have one more year left before I graduate USC with a bachelors degree."

Tyler Clas - SC Youth Challenge Graduate